Wellbeing at almost 1.800 Meter

Alm-Wellness with outdoor hot tub or jacuzzi

After a full day of activities or relaxation, enjoy the healthy heat of sauna, our wooden hot tub or the foamy bubble water of the whirlpool with a great view of the mountains.

Enjoy the full sauna experience at the MarktlAlm. The cabins have access to the village’s sauna and the chalets enjoy their own sauna.
The guests of the Sonnleitn Lodge, Sonnrain Lodge, Almrausch Lodge, and the Almrausch Lodges Claassen and Grohmann are able to relax after a lovely day of skiing or hiking in our hotpot, a wooden hot tub, seated outside their lodge. The great view of the surrounding landscape makes for a perfect background. The hot spring water has the ability to relax your muscles and the crystal-clear air of the Turracher Hoehe refreshes your lungs with plenty of oxygen providing optimal conditions for your vacation.

Enjoy the lush scenery of the mountain ranges or a romantic bath under the stars, which is the perfect way to end a lovely vacation day. It provides you with all the energy for the following days, whether you need it for skillful skiing, an enjoyable hike, or for all the other adventures that are awaiting you at Turracher Hoehe.
Are you looking for some relaxation? Our new Waldblick Lodges would be the right choice for you. Up to 12 people can enjoy these spacious lodges with a generous wellness area including a sauna and a whirlpool.  Or maybe spending a few hours on the terrace might be more appealing to you.

Don’t forget to bring your bathrobes and towels from home or you can rent them from us. And don’t forget your favorite sauna oil….

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[Translate to en:] Hunde Training auf der MarktlAlm - Nasenarbeit, Schwammerltraining

Spring days with dog training

3 nights

Dog training "mushrooms"

2019, May 9 - 12

[Translate to en:] Frühling auf der Turracher Höhe

Lovely spring days

3 or 4 nights

Thu-Sun or Sun-Thu

& mountain wellness

Skifahren auf der Turracher Höhe

Sunshine skiing

3 or 4 nights

Thu-Sun or Sun-Thu

mountain wellness