Summer on MarktlAlm

A special mountain experience

Spending your summer vacation with us on the MarktlAlm is an enjoyable experience in the middle of nature. Our cabins and houses are surrounded by 148 acres (60 hectares) of mountain pastures that belong to the MarktlAlm. Characteristic for this area, known as the Turracher Hoehe, is the interaction between mountains and lakes. Plan on visiting charming lakes like the “Turracher See”, the “Schwarzsee”, and the “Gruensee” where many myths originate from. And don’t forget about the mountain pastures and pine forests. You will enjoy the diverse landscapes or activities that make every vacation a special experience for the whole family.
For example the following:

  • Almgolf – golf fun for the whole family, right here at the MarktlAlm
  • Children’s playground & animal enclosure with goats, sheep, ponies...
  • Fitness parcours & relaxation trails
  • Alm Butler-Program – program for guests with the Turracher Höhe Butler Card (for example: guided hiking trips)
  • Special summer activities for children with the Butler
  • Discover the mountains with cable cars, the “Kornockbahn & Panoramabahn”
  • “Nocky Flitzer” - an almost 1 mile (1,6km) long alpine toboggan track (alpine coaster)
  • “Nocky’s Almzeit” – adventure park for children high up on the Nock Mountains (“Nockberge”)
  • “Biosphaerenpark Nockberge” – summer activities with a park ranger in the nature reserve
  • Experience the region of the Nock Mountains (“Nockberge”) with lots of summer activities
  • 3 Nordic walking or running trails
  • Mountain biking trails

Our village plan



Golf has been a popular sport for many years. Nothing special about golfing outside, but how about golfing in the mountains! Swing away with your iron until you hit the slightly bigger golf ball into the hole. Try golf a different way, it will be fun for the whole family! You have the opportunity right here at our MarktlAlm at the Marktlkoepfl.

You can get to Almgolf starting from the Marktlhuette. Either follow the trail with yoga and relaxation exercises or choose the path that passes by the petting zoo. If you are a guest at the MarktlAlm, you can play for free. Everybody else pays 10 Euros/person, without Alm Butler Card (special card, given to guests of the MarktlAlm) or 7 Euros/person with Alm Butler Card. Our Almgolf features a 9-holes course.

Almgolf is played with a golf club and bigger balls. The golf clubs, balls and score cards can be rented for a small deposit. The winner is the person with the fewest swings. If you beat the lowest score, your name will be recorded on the board and you will be celebrated with a  “Siegerschnaps” shot. After an exciting game join us on the sunny terrace of the MarktlAlm for a refreshing drink and some good company.

Activities in the region

The region around our MarktlAlm also has a lot to offer. With the Turracher Höhe and the Nockberge Biosphere Park, you have unique opportunities for a unique holiday.

Turracher Hoehe and Biosphaerenpark Nockberge

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