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You don't want to cook yourself every day?

Then come and see us in our newly opened restaurant "Genussrabe"! Our restaurant team is looking forward to meeting you there. 

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You can shop with us 24 hours a day regionally. The Ackerbox is located in the parking lot above the reception. There you will find regional, high-quality products such as organic eggs from happy chickens, organic dairy products, a wide selection of organic meat products from Nockfleisch, organic pasta, organic dumplings, culinary Swiss stone pine products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, delicious ice cream from the Huber family mountain farm and much more... 




We offer a few culinary services for your convenience.


Freshly baked breakfast goods & Carinthian snacks

Would you like to receive your breakfast rolls and bread early in the morning on your door step? Just order by the afternoon and it will be delivered to you the next morning. From rolls (“Semmerl”), specialty rolls, breads, or gluten-free goods, you will find everything you ordered the next morning by 8 am bagged on your door step.

Or would you like to taste a typical snack (“Kärntner Jause”), made with farmer’s ham and freshly baked bread? Just let us know and we will spoil you with our specialties from the surrounding areas. Don’t miss out on this original experience!

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Please order at the lobby before 4.30 pm for next day delivery.

Kärntner Jause

Do you want a real Carinthian snack with ham, bacon, sausages and fresh bread? Just let us know and we will provide you with the typical Carinthian snack specialties that should not be missing in any hiking backpack. Orders are possible from 4 people.

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