Turracher Hoehe

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Turracher Hoehe is the picturesque mountain plateau at 1,800 m (5,900 feet) elevation between Styria (“Steiermark”) and Carinthia (“Kaernten”) and an idyllic natural jewel. The village Turracher Höhe at the impressive Turracher See is surrounded by mountain pastures, undulating but still imposing peaks and Austria’s largest contiguous stone pine forests.

This stone pine (“Zirbe”) is famous for its flexible evergreen needles and reddish-brown wood, has its home predominantly in this area. Not only does it smell good, but it is also said to have health-promoting aspects, especially for the nervous system. The Stone Pine Wood finds it practical uses in furniture, beds, ornamental objects, and pillows. However, not just the wood of the pine tree is used, but also the purple fruits with their wonderful fragrance. The “Zirberl”, a herbal liquor, is very popular among the locals with its red shimmering color and distinctive tart taste.

Nestled among the mountain ranges and pine forests you will find our MarktlAlm cabins, chalets, and lodges creating the perfect atmosphere for your vacation in the mountains.

A paradise for the lungs - Pellen Free Altitude

One of the trademarks of the Turracher Hoehe is the quality of the air: pollen free, fresh, and crystal clear. Starting in early spring our guests with allergies are enjoying the benefits of the high altitude while taking a break from pollen while being surrounded by mother nature.

Mountain summer

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Winter auf der Turracher Höhe

Mountain winter

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[Translate to en:] Hunde Training auf der MarktlAlm - Nasenarbeit, Schwammerltraining

Spring days with dog training

3 nights

Dog training "mushrooms"

2019, May 9 - 12

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Lovely spring days

3 or 4 nights

Thu-Sun or Sun-Thu

& mountain wellness

Skifahren auf der Turracher Höhe

Sunshine skiing

3 or 4 nights

Thu-Sun or Sun-Thu

mountain wellness